1953 Bosley G/T MK I

Fred Roth (L) with Richard Bosley (R)
Meadowbrook Concours ~ July 2008

Richard Bosley,
a horticulturist from Mentor Ohio, had never built a hot rod or car of any sort. He was a car lover at age 21 who in mid 1952 decided he wanted to build his dream car that would surpass anything on the market at the time. He owned a Jaguar XK 120 and an Olds Rocket 88 Coupe. These were hot cars of the day, but coming up short for design and power. Without any experience he started work, learning as he went along. He built a 4" diameter tube frame, added a 1950 Ford front cross member, a 1948 Mercury rear end with quick change, coil spring, four shocks and with air bags, a 102" wheelbase, overall length 168" and 48" high at the roof. The tread is 58" front and 60" rear. The weight is 3360 lb. with 10 gallons of fuel in its 55 gallon tank. Brakes are Lincoln 12" with magnesium center-lock wheels. Transmission being a 5 speed built by the New Process company. The engine is the famous Chrysler hemi with (6) carbs. Mr. Bosley also hand laid the beautiful glass body over a male mold. Instruments, taillights, windshield etc. are from various cars from the 1930's and 40's.

Attention to detail exceeds even the most expensive European car of its time. This car has been in 4 years of restoration by vintage Prep in Santa Ana. All parts were with the car when purchased by Mr. Ron Kellogg, which helped in the restoration. This car is the first of two cars built by Mr. Bosley. The second car was built in the 60's with a different design, again being built with a glass body.

This Bosley was featured in Motor World 5/53, The Motor in England 7/55, Road and Track 8/55, Motor Life 10/55, Hot Rod 10/55, Automobile 3/90, and the Salon Car in Road and Track 9/94. Len Frank, writing in Road and Track, said that when he first saw the Road and Track story in 1955, that the Bosley was the most exciting, gorgeously proportioned shape he had ever seen. Mr. Strother McMinn, Pasadena Art Center College of Design, stated in 1955 that the Bosley changed the thinking of his students at that time. They had previously been influenced by European designers of the day. Bosley went sailing past their self-imposed limitations.

Bosley ran up about 100,000 miles on it before he traded it to Dick Doane, a well-known SCCA racer and GM dealer, for an ex-Sebring Corvette SR-2 that was to form the basis for the Bosley Interstate.

This beautiful car was built by a 21 year old man who fulfilled his dreams some 42 years ago.

Copyright June 2003


This early picture of the Bosley in B&W appears to have been taken at
the 1955 12 hours of Sebring

These two pictures were sent in by Lou Galanos.
They are very early pictures taken in 1955 at the Sebring Paddock
The car shows an Ohio license plate and was probably still owned by Richard Bosley