The Roth Collection Museum

The History of Our Museum

After searching for a home that had enough space to house my car collection, we settled on, and purchased our present home in 1974. Apparently one of the previous owners had managed Jungleland, a wild animal park for owner Louis Goebel during the early days of the Conejo Valley. Next to the garage, the owners had constructed a large carport to allow them space to store various animal cages that were part of the park equipment. The next owner of our home, turned the garage into an art gallery and the large carport remained fairly empty. When I saw the home, the wheels started turning, and I knew the carport enclosed would make a great car barn. My wife and I purchased the home, and several months later, by pure luck, I was asked by a friend to help him deliver a Packard automobile to a collector in the valley.

Well, it turned out to be my introduction to the J.B. Nethercutt Museum, still in its infancy in Sylmar, California. After the delivery, we were allowed to walk around the facility ourselves. Finding I loved the concept of music machines mixed with automobiles, I decided to follow this idea only on a much smaller basis. We tried to upgrade the original idea to a fairly classy display area for the collection. Unfortunately, I never got to meet J.B., but his influence upon my life has been profound. Doing everything ourselves, it took nearly 10 years to bring the structure to the place we wanted it and almost 40 to restore the collection.

Frederick J Roth - 2012

Here is the museum completely finished 37 years later! Seven cars fit comfortably
in here, which means, of course, we have 8 restored vintage American Sportscars
along with many music machines. First picture L to R: 1954 Kaiser Darrin; 1954 Hudson
Italia & 1954 Nash Healey. These were the main sports models put out by the independent
companies. The right photo shows L to R: 1952 Woodill (Willys) Wildfire, 1955 Chevrolet
Corvette, and the 1954 Maverick Sportster. The 1952 Muntz Jet sits in the middle spot.

Here are shots of the building front to rear and rear to front
The Muntz holds the prominent center place as our favorite car.

TOP: Here is a head-on shot of the '52 Muntz Jet with the 1916 Berni band organ in the rear.
BOTTOM: The 8th car sits in the outer attachment to the main museum. That place is
reserved for the next car to be shown, or one that needs work. Right now,
that is our 1955 Ford Thunderbird, built in early December 1954.

The entire Roth family celebrated in the museum when it was finished.